They found your talk to have been the most impressionable safety program they ever had the fortune of attending…
– Sam, Operations Manager

The comments on yours and Bernie’s presentation were unbelievable. You really left a large impact on everyone who heard it.
– Judy, Executive Assistant

While I can’t imagine how difficult it is for you both to share an unimaginable time in your lives with us, please know that your message is being received loud and clear. Mrs. Inman, your poem forever touched my heart and will never be forgotten.
– Brenda, OH&S Coordinator

The piece that I really took away from your message was that these types of occurrences happen to even the most experienced/trained employee and what may seem like no risk or low risk operation can really be deceiving.
– Nancy, EH&S Manager

I can only imagine the countless lives your story will save!
– Lisa, Field Administrator

You have an incredible stage and speaking presence that is remembered for a long time. It has additional impact when you have your family members with you – especially Sheila.
– Dave, Senior Safety Advisor

I just wanted to say thanks again for making the trip to Houston to tell you story… the feedback was extremely positive and people were very motivated to continue to make our workplace safer.
– Sheila E,H&S Manager

It was a most passionate, energetic and moving display of courage and yet with a very strong message underpinning about safety.
– David, Safety Leadership Trainer UK

You could have heard a pin drop in a room of over 400 people.
– Nora, Field Administrator

"Throughout all the adversity in his life he has accomplished great things and overcome huge challenges. What impresses me the most is Bernie's commitment to safety and his desire to do what ever he can to ensure that others do not suffer a similar fate."
-Carlos A. Ledesma
 Senior Safety/Loss Control Specialist
 Talisman Energy Inc.

"Bernie's message will enhance any safety program. It's powerful."
- Mike McAllister, EnCana Corporation

Thank you for coming to our community. Your presentation was wonderful. I promise to wear my PPE all the time now.”
- Lee Cardinal, Canadian Natural Resources

“Our company occasionally makes deliveries to hazardous locations such as batteries, compressor stations and well sites after hours so that the materials are on location first thing in the morning. As a direct result of Bernie's presentation we have implemented an "after hours check in procedure".
- Chris Weinkauf, CE Franklin

Just wanted to take the time to let you know how good I thought your message was. As well, at our Plant leaders meeting today everyone I talked to indicated that you did an exceptional job. Thanks again for a message well received!"
- Ryan Quist, Central Alberta Midstream

You are indeed a very valuable commodity. People in industry are listening. Thanks. "
- Jon Carlson, C & C Safety


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